Plan FAQ

What is an IRA?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows you to save and invest money for retirement in a tax advantage way.

What are the types of IRA accounts?

Beevav provides four types of IRA accounts:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA

What is a Traditional IRA?

A traditional IRA allows your investment to grow tax-deferred, meaning you pay no taxes on earnings until they’re withdrawn. You can potentially get tax deductions when you invest the money.

Ex: Jenny’s income was $100,000 and invested $6000 in her Traditional IRA when she was 22 years (She paid taxes on her $94,000 income that year), her investment became $158,000 when she was 60 years old. She will pay taxes on $158,000 when she will withdraw the money.

What is a Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA allows your investment to grow tax-free. Meaning you contribute your post-tax money and when you withdraw your money you won’t pay any taxes.

Ex: Jenny invested $6000 in her Roth IRA when she was 22 years, her investment become $158,000 when she is 60 years old, She won’t pay taxes on the gain ($152,000)

What is a SEP IRA?

A Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan is a type of traditional IRA which allows employers to contribute for their employees.

What is a SIMPLE IRA?

A Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) IRA is a type of traditional IRA which allows employees and employers both to contribute to a traditional IRA account set up for employees

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How much it cost?

Employer sponsor SEP or SIMPLE IRA account, we charge monthly fees $5/employee/month

Is there any tax incentive for providing retirement benefits to employees?

You can potentially get up to $15,000 of tax incentive over the first 3 years and then tax deduction on the cost of retirement benefits and on the money you contributed to your employees’ account.

What are the employer’s responsibilities?
  • There are no annual filing or reporting requirements
  • There are no administrative duties
How much it cost?

For Traditional & Roth IRA, we charge 0.15% AUM (Asset under management) fee per year.

Ex: If your Roth IRA has $10,000 invested, we will charge $15 per year. We will deduct that fee ($15/12 = $1.25) directly from your account at the end of the month.

For employer sponsor SEP or SIMPLE IRA account, we charge monthly fees directly to employer. You only pay 0.15% AUM fee per year. Even when you left your job with sponsor employer, you can keep your SEP or SIMPLE IRA account with Beevav, we don’t charge you monthly fees.

For Self-employed/Freelancer/Gig worker SEP IRA account, We charge you $5 monthly fee + 0.15% AUM fee per year

Who shouldn’t buy Beevav product?

If you are a person, who has some experience investing in the security market and has developed some self-discipline in personal finance then you shouldn’t buy Beevav services. Our AUM fee (0.15% per year) is a waste of your hard earn money. Talk to your financial planner or just shoot us an email at

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